One of the best ways to learn about a foreign cuisine is to take a cooking class. In the past few years, dozens of options have popped up in Vietnam — capitalizing on the booming tourist industry. The larger hotels in Saigon and Hanoi offer upmarket classes at Western prices. In Hoi An, every other restaurants offers some sort of course. With little planning, you can arrange a class any day of the week. Your budget can help in deciding your best option. Here are some other considerations:

Hands-On or Off? For sure, the best learning happens when you try the recipes yourself. However, some people prefer to just watch a demonstration, especially when they’re on vacation. And there are varying degrees of hands-on — some schools will have all the vegetables and other prep done in advance, while other will have you chopping everything right down to the garlic cloves. In any case, most hands-on programs will offer a burner, cutting board and knife for each participant. This allows you to prepare the entire recipe and eat your own creation.

The Recipes? Most cooking schools have set programs and menus. Be sure to inquire in advance about the recipes. If you’re interested in learning a particular recipe or technique, you may need to schedule the cooking class on a particular day. If the menu doesn’t interest you, look for other options.

The Program? For sure, all programs involve some amount of cooking and eating. Some will offer a market tour as part of the program, others may offer a small section on ingredient identification or on the eating culture. The market tour can be especially interesting if you are unfamiliar with the open, central markets common around the world (except in the US). If you are new to a culture or cuisine, this also offers a great opportunity to become familiar with the more unusual ingredients.

Private or Group? The larger hotels and schools usually offer group classes for up to 16 guests. This can be a fun way to meet other travelers and hear about their adventures. A group class does not necessarily mean the class will be less “hands-on.” The smaller restaurants usually offer private classes. Depending on the skill of the instructor this can also mean more opportunity for customization.

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The 6 most thrilling sports

Posted: September 2, 2011 in Uncategorized

All around the world, there are extreme sports activities that are organized to let adrenaline junkies test their guts. I am well aware of the fact that there are not one two or just few extreme sports that are worth giving a shot. But then, not all can be labelled as extreme sports.

Listed below are the sports that can well be categorized as the World’s Most Dangerous Extreme Sports.

1. Slacklining

Christian Schou at 3,280 feet which is the equivalent of being 3 Eiffel towers high in the sky is the highest slackline in the world. One has to walk on the rope that is not held rigidly tight, instead it stretches and bounces a lot like a rubber band. Scary!

2. Volcano Boarding

Volcano boarding, as the name hints is actually crazy as it sounds to be. For the people genuinely interested in extreme sports can head to Nicaragua’s Cerro Negro Mountain in central America which is the only place around the world where you can throw yourself down an active volcano.

You are provided with the specially designed skateboard to fly down 2,380 ft high Cerro Negro with up to 50 mph speed. The slope is 41 degrees at its steepest and although the climb to the top takes 45 minutes, you are sure to be down in a flash.

3. Base Jumping

Have you ever thought of climbing of the building? Well, I’m surely not talking about suicide! If you’re looking for thrilling experience then Base Jumping could fascinate you. The words B.A.S.E stands for the four objects from which you can jump: buildings, antennae, spans (bridges) and earth (cliffs).

4. Train Surfing

Train surfing involves the riders clinging or surfing on moving trains. It’s one of the extremely dangerous activities that is illegal and many underground stations are running campaigns against the sport. It is extremely documented in Africa and India.

5. Wing Walking

Wing walking is the act of walking out onto a wing of an airplane while it’s in the air. I am not sure if, this can be included in the extreme sport but being extremely dangerous it deserves a special mention in the list of extreme sports.

6. Street Luge

Street luge is a sport that was born in southern California by downhill skateboarders who found they could reach much faster speeds by lying down flat on the board and propelling themselves down very steep hills. If you’re the one who finds thrill in high speeds, this one is for you.


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